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The Soundtrack of Business

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Can you remember the music when Rick and Ilsa say goodbye in “Casablanca”? Or have you ever noticed that you can hear the same melody both in “Gladiator” and in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”? No? It is not a coincidence.

I had a couple of meetings with professional advertisement agencies recently. One of them also offers the production of promotional videos for SMEs. What they told, was more than interesting:

“Watching a movie – except perhaps the main title – you only notice the bad soundtracks. The good ones support the overall good experience perfectly yet remain mostly unnoticed.”

The analogy between movie soundtracks and the IT tools used at a business organization is astonishing: why do we often hear business leaders complaining about bad information technology solutions, but rarely praising about good ones?

“I believe, having the best fitting information technology tools are like well-chosen movie soundtracks. They are never selected based on the technology they use, but for supporting the business needs the best. Because they must make the overall experience perfect – without letting the customer notice them being there at all. “

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