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Supporting STARTUPs

Just hatched and aiming to be a predator. We help you spreading your wings.

In 2019, the failure rate of startups was around 90%. Then 21.5% of startups fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% in the fifth year, and 70% in their 10th year. Do you want to be one of them?

We help you identifying and assembling the resources and skills (people, funding and technology) to get a new business, product or project off the ground. We keep in mind that you may have limited resources, and we support you implementing and building structures and systems giving you clear frameworks or boundaries. Finding and welding together a cohesive high-performing teams and partners.


From the business plan to sustainable success in 6 months in average.


Broken wings need to be healed.
We help you fly again like an eagle in the sky.

Due to the pandemic, 26% increase in bankruptcies at global level is expected in 2021. This increase is expected in all major regions and countries.

You don’t want to be one of them. Yet everyone can get into troubles. Internal or external circumstances. Unforeseen environmental changes, such as lockdowns and epidemics like the one we suffer under with COVID19.


We analyze your business, unit or group that is in trouble and need to be brought back on track. We show you how to reenergize already demoralized employees and other stakeholders. All this to handle time pressure and having a quick and decisive impact. Going deep enough with painful but careful cuts and difficult personnel choices if necessary.


From risk assessment to business continuity which helps you survive.


Reaching for the sun too fast can melt your wings.
You need to reinvent yourself to keep up with the challenge

Once your business becomes profitable, your next goal is probably to see it grow. But two-thirds of the Fastest-Growing Companies fail: 

17%  because they lacked a business model and 23% of because they didn’t have the right team running the business. If the growth comes too fast, though, you could run into real and unexpected problems.

We assess your actual situation, processes, and teams, and identify the discrepancies to the changed requirements and targets. We help your company to cope with your rapidly expanding business. We support you having urgently put in place new structures and systems to permit scaling, and you may need to integrate many new employees, or reshape your organization. You will have the best chance to be fit for the new business at the end and step to the next level.


Has the tiger became sluggish? Wake him up!

Your company needs a new training plan to be fit again

If success seems to be natural and all fights won without efforts your company may slowly drift to troubles. 14% failed because they started ignored their customers, 19% were outcompeted, 14% failed because of poor marketing.

We help you with your challenge to revitalize your business, your unit, your products, process or projects, which are drifting into trouble. We support you dealing with deeply ingrained cultural norms that no longer contribute to high performance. Convincing employees that change is necessary. Restructuring the top team and refocusing the organization.


At the end you are fit for the fight again just like never before.


The wolf-pack is more successful just like never before, but its up to for something bigger. How to get to the next level, by not risking the success already achieved?

It’s a difficult business being successful: if you don’t act you will be outcompeted just like 19% of the companies. If you act, you risk what you achieved. Changes mean risk, yet they mean new opportunities. You must be your own competition, but you must do it carefully.

We help you preserving the vitality of a successful organization and taking it to the next level. To find ways to take the business to the next level, without destroying what is working well. We will determine and avoid decisions may cause problems and jeopardize the sustainability of your success, but we will identify actions which evolves your business the most and elevates it to the next level for more profit and fame.


Vielen Dank!

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