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The camera loves you all

Yes it does. But the big responsibility lies at the cameraman, who is up to making it visible.

Because of a good photographer can show the beauty of everyone and of everything. A good conductor of an orchestra can make all the marvelous instruments work together for an ethereal melody. A good musician can enchant a beautiful music from all those different notes.

I felt truly honored, that I have been asked for an interview, and so thankful for getting the chance of talking about the advantages of diversity.

I deeply believe in the benefits of it. Diversity consists of many aspects: cultural, emotional, relational, sexual, professional and many more. Yet, managing diversity is sometimes a challenge as well. You need to have the skills bringing the maximum out of it. Great leaders can do that and set up the organization which support it the most.

But they were not born with that skillset. They had the right mindset, but they had to learn how to deal with that, to maximize the benefits, and to create a wonderful atmosphere. To have their team motivated, giving the people a purpose, so those with a highly diverse background can drive for one common purpose. Without that, no matter how we respect the diversity of an organization and the individuals within, it will lead to chaos.

The responsibility is in the hands of the leader, and his advisor.

Let us achieve something great, and from all of those beautiful sounds, lets compose a wonderful music.

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