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Consultancy Paradigm Shift

Günther is one of the best bankers I have ever seen. We have known each other for almost 20 years.

When I first decided to invest in the stock market, I felt lost. Günther became my trusted advisor as he gave me valuable and clear instructions on how it works. He explained the trends and – after making me aware of the complex economic situation – the pitfalls, and risks. In the end, I had a clear and simple image of costs and expected results. So, we sealed the deal.

With this approach being possible in such extremely uncertain environments, like the stock market, one would expect to have an easier and simple approach in the consultancy business. Unfortunately, in most of the cases there are just excuses, such as “estimating results in consultancy is impossible” or “the outcome depends on too many parameters”.

Consultants prefer remaining on the safe side, charging their fees based on actions they perform. They avoid result-based consultancy like the devil avoids holy water. Even if an indication on return of investment is the second most desired information asked by customers.

Luckily, the paradigm shift towards the result-based approach is in progress. We are more and more such consultants each day. Corporate clients started seeking for this already – to address the opening SME market, this is a must.

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