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The Wonderful Web of Life

Life is a huge web, where everything is connected:

Did you know that the currency of the USA is named after a small village in Austria? Or that the diameter of the Space Shuttle’s solid rocket booster is determined by the size of the ancient roman war chariots?

More than a decade ago I met a wonderful person at a Confare Event in Vienna. She was on stage, darkness all around, except for her. She was standing in the spotlight, talking about marketing for senior IT Leaders!

I was in the crowd and I looked at all the faces around me. I could barely see them, but they were just like mine: IT professionals trying to capture the new idea of putting the business value above technology.

As her presentation was over, I went to her and we talked shortly. She does not know, but it has changed my life.

What she told, helped me bringing IT projects, IT Services and Organizations to success. It was not easy, and I have seen people looking at me the same way when I held workshops for CIOs and IT Leaders with similar topic in the past.

Then a year ago, as I decided to start my own company, I called her on the phone. Shortly after we were sitting at her office at Aliena Partners.

Today, Leahanne Hobson and we work together.

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