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The VITAL Rules - for creating true value-based service definitions

The topic of creating value-based service definitions pops up again and again. This little aid may help some, facing with the same challenge.

As I took over a service unit once for reshaping, we started redesigning the service portfolio at the first place.


Our recipients needed to understand the value proposition. No one likes high prices, either. We also had to rearrange resources for lowering the overall costs. Furthermore, we wanted to protect the good services from being cancelled if any of the underlying products would be stopped.

For creating value-based service definitions, we gathered 5 rules that a service always must be:

1) Value expectations focused in the recipient’s terms

2) Intangible

3) Technology-blind

4) Action description

5) Leverage or advantage to the recipient

Note, that the first letters give the acronym VITAL. This helps remembering them easier.

One of the main lessons learned is that something will not become a service just by putting the word “service” behind. Developing them VITAL will help that products or technical parts will not masquerade themselves as such.

Having proper service definitions will not just help achieving more with less, but sometimes can even decide upon survival.

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