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Running with (digital) scissors

Back in my youth, in the nineties, as a was a student, I used to work at a newspaper publisher as DTP Technician.

I had to create the pages of the next issue using some sort of DOS-based desktop publishing software (well yes you guessed right it was the famous Ventura Publisher).

My boss was an old fashioned gentleman. He wrote several books already by that time, and he still does, god bless him.

Once he came to me and gave me a task to create a page: some text floating around a picture. It was a simple task, but just because of some software bug, I was just able to create the picture frame with the text floating around it, but I couldn't insert the picture itself.

I fought with that picture already almost an hour long when he came to me and asked what's wrong. After I told him about the problem, he just asked me to print out the picture and the page separately.

After having both of them on two sheets of paper, he took a scissor, cut the picture around from the first page, took some glue and glued it back to the empty place on the other page where the picture was meant to be.

Then he just turned around and asked me to make a photocopy of the page and send it for printing.

I was shocked.

Today, we talk about the importance of digitalization, but rarely mention that underestimating and overhyping digitalization are equally mistakes. It is in most of the cases the right way, and it is essential to be a part of it, even to lead it, and be the first one.

But it is a bit like jumping a triple somersault with five spins: doing not enough spins or aiming for too much than optimal can equally cause a serious crash.

The responsibility of all digital leaders is to find the right approach, which fits the business they are in or want to address.

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