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No Excuses - Just Decisions

I had a hard period of my life: only my strong sense of duty kept me doing each day what I had to. It is odd, but exactly those responsibilities were my excuses for not changing.

Then, one morning I decided to do what I have not done before: I drove five hours to the nearest seashore, I took a class, and at the end of the summer, I had my coast skipper license in my hands.

At that moment, I realized, that with a simple action and with some trust and courage, I got access to a whole new world. I can take a boat, clear the harbor. Discover the structures of shapes by leaving the coast: watch, how objects shrink to tiny dots and the vegetation to a green-brown stripe between the see and the sky. Let the sounds of the civilization fade away in the distance, and just listen to the song of the wind and the waves. Feel the kiss of the freedom and get to new places impossible to reach through any coast passage.

If the sea is the business, hesitating at the seashore takes you nowhere. There are no excuses, just your decisions. Be no afraid of seeking for help: a class, an advisor, or a good consultant. They will help you getting there:

to places impossible to reach through any coast passage ever...

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