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Disconnected - still more human than human?

The end justifies the means – they say, but we often tend to forget which is which.

Investing in technology not being chosen to support a specific predefined goal make us often having bitter lessons learned.

It was a rainy late afternoon, somewhere in November, when twilight crawls from the corners but there is still some light to see. Lucy kept walking around in the empty house for almost an hour by then. She had that strange feeling again: being lonely, abandoned, disconnected.

Finally, she became tired. “Alexa, make me a hot bath!” she called. “I am sorry, I cannot find that song in your library.”

She sighed sadly and walked down the stairs. “Hey Siri, I could really use a drink now”. “I am sorry, everything is closed now”.

She realized that her depression prevails over.

“Hello Google, please call my therapist!” but her hope gone in a second. “You do not have enough credits to talk to a Human Doctor. Shall I activate the Medical AI for you.”

She felt desperate and lost. Suddenly the phone started ringing.

“Hallo…?” she whispered.

For a few second it was nothing else just silence…

“Hey honey… It’s Mum… are you ok, sweetie?”

Tears dropped from her eyes. But suddenly, everything changed.

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