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IS ALIVE      
Businesses and living organisms are surprising similar.
Each life form wants the same:
Prosper, Survive, Prevail

We help small and medium enterprises and IT organizations
with 25 years of experience in Corporate IT and Business Management

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Business Avisory and Digital Transformation

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CIOBEE Consulting is a strategic network of multi-lingual business-, IT- and communication-experts and trainers with remarkable public appearances, publications, and proven track records on the Austrian and on the international Market.

CIOBEE Consulting offers effective ways of increasing the business efficiency of its clients through methodologies that are used by large international enterprises today.

We are more than consultants; we focus on results. We are vendor- and technology-independent. We work together with our clients developing their strategies, making them more competitive, and utilize their organizational- or IT-resources.


Don’t pay for the sweat. Pay for the result.


How often do you hear consultants try not committig on the outcome?

We are different.

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Result estimation

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Technology Invisible

Most consultants avoid from giving estimations on the business aoutcome. Yet executive interest begins to increase with demonstrating how things are working, what the business connections are; and what the Return of Investment can be: and this is the ultimate level of evaluation. (Survey from Fortune 500 CEOs - The consultant scorecard). This means the Indication of ROI, business impact and results - keeping the technology invisible.


We provide you with strategically agile and technology adept business leadership support and mentorship.
We have a  solid history of devising and executing robust strategies aimed at streamlining business processes, organizations and technical solutions to achieve challenging  organizational goals.
Check out the brief summary of our most important achievements in the lasts 20 years:

Track records:

Deployment of robust plans for the development of IT strategies:


Conducted IT audits in compliance with ISO 9001, 27001, 22301, 20000 standards to streamline overall technical operations. Trained multiple teams, while aiming at meeting and exceeding organizational objectives.  Implemented dynamic strategies to manage and deliver Cloud and on-prem services to potential clients. Created long-term digital transformation vision of the corporate IT worldwide to unify Communication and Telecommunication Transformation project Worldwide. Established an IT support region and managed the complete value-based service portfolio of IT services for a region consisting of 3 continents and 21 countries with high cultural diversity. Managed the IT merger of 3 large company acquisitions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Africa

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Public Appeareance

“A holistic view

on IT”

—  Special Edition 2017
ComputerWelt Austria

25+ Years Corporate IT Business Management Experience

for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

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